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Debt Consolidation

The needs of a family are manifold and it sometimes happens that we have to deal with the purchase of a new car or with unexpected expenses, perhaps just as the renovation of the house has started. To cope with all this, it may be necessary to activate several loans, finding yourself having to repay multiple installments during the same month with a sometimes unsustainable cost.

Fortunately, there is a solution: Debt Consolidation Finance! Let’s see De-Debt information, where we can find more about what debt consolidation finance is and what to do to request it.

Debt Consolidation is a financial solution that allows you to combine individual loans into a single loan, renegotiating the repayment times and the amount of the installment.

This choice allows three substantial advantages:

  • Single monthly installment;
  • Lower installment amount, compared to the total of the installments currently in progress
  • Return times more convenient, you can delay the return over a longer period of time.

Requesting Debt Consolidation, therefore, can be a real lifeline for families who are struggling month by month with the fixed thinking of deadlines.


Debt Consolidation and Fifth Transfer

Debt Consolidation and Fifth Transfer

Debt Consolidation finds its maximum expression through the employee loan, a loan reserved for employees and retirees that thanks to its peculiarities guarantees always sustainable financing.

In fact, thanks to the Transfer of the Fifth it is possible to pay off the loans in progress in favor of a single loan with a maximum installment equal to 20% (one fifth) of the pension or of the net salary.


Advantages of the loan for debt consolidation with the assignment of the fifth

loan for debt consolidation with assignment of the fifth

Loan not finalized

Requesting the Transfer of the Fifth for Debt Consolidation means accessing a non-finalized loan. It is therefore not necessary to specify or produce documentation relating to the use of the sum and the required liquidity can be disposed of independently.


The monthly installment never exceeds 20% of the net salary or pension, for a loan that is always sustainable and in line with the applicant’s income capacity.


The assignment of the fifth is always covered by insurance to protect the applicant and his family.


Deductions are made directly to the pension or salary. In this way, there will never be a late payment or a report, and you will never have to file in post offices again.

The Transfer of the Fifth is particularly suitable for Debt Consolidation as it can also be requested in the event of previous payment delays or reports.

Get Quick Approval For Your Payday Loan

Take payday loans, and you’ll get quick approval without hassle. Take the time to study the payday loan industry to see how easy acceptance is for payday loan lenders of other short-term financing, and you’ll see that payday loans have an easy acceptance process that can benefit borrowers who need quick cash

Payday loan is very easy to take.

Payday loan is very easy to take.

Getting approved for a payday loan is very easy, and can be done in the most simple way possible. Before you apply for a payday loan, make sure that you’ll be able to afford the charges for the loan, and understand what you are agreeing to in your application, if there is one.

If you have a good credit score, your short-term loan will likely be approved in a matter of minutes. While your credit score has an impact on your application, so does your ability to pay back a loan, and this means that your score doesn’t dictate approval, but it does influence it.

When it comes to applying for a payday loan, it isn’t difficult at all. It’s very simple and takes only a few minutes for you to fill out an application form. Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll get quick approval by your lender.

If you are denied for a payday loan application, the payday loan lenders will not necessarily reject you for not having the money to pay back the loan. If you can prove that you’re unable to pay back the loan, the lender will find a way to make you pay it back.

It is important to understand the terms and conditions.

It is important to understand the terms and conditions.

This is why it’s important to fully understand the application for a payday loan, because it gives you some idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. The small print on the application will help you fully comprehend how easy acceptance of a payday loan is for payday loan lenders.

Applying for a payday loan will take just a few minutes for you to complete, and it will be approved very quickly. You will have many options available to you when it comes to applying for a payday loan. If you know how to use your loan responsibly, you will be able to make much more than the initial deposit that you agreed to pay to get approved for the loan.

Taking advantage of these financial tools can help you to make payments when you need them the most. When you get approved for a payday loan, you will get quick approval because of how easily you are approved for a loan. If you have good credit, your payday loan lender will be able to approve you almost immediately.

No need to stress to avail this loan.

No need to stress to avail this loan.

There is no need to stress about getting approved for a payday loan. The payday loan lenders have an easy acceptance process to help you get your loan approved without too much trouble. If you know how to use the funds you receive from a payday loan, you will be able to use them to make timely payments to your creditors.

Because payday loan lenders have to deal with a lot of people, they don’t want to offer loans to those who won’t pay them back. Therefore, you will want to be careful when you apply for a payday loan, because you might be dealing with unruly individuals who will cause you to lose your loan.

Payday lenders are working with hundreds of people every day, and they have to be very careful about who they are approving, so extra attention is paid to who you are and where you live. Applying for a payday loan will take only a few minutes, and you will get quick approval.

Make sure that you take advantage of payday loans when you need them, and make sure that you know how to use your funds wisely. If you understand how easy acceptance of a payday loan is, you’ll have a better chance of using the funds you receive from a payday loan in a responsible manner.

Non-bank loans – what you should know?



Do you find that banks are very slow and have too strict requirements that they impose on their clients?

Just imagine. You need a loan as soon as possible, you come to the bank, where you stand the queue. Followed by endless paperwork with uncertain results. After some time, you will learn that your loan application has been declined. You do not have money, and you have lost a lot of valuable time in this process. Třinec non-bank loans operate on a completely different principle.

Non-bank loans immediately for everyone

Non-bank loans immediately for everyone

Do you need money right away because you have been surprised by unexpected expenses and can no longer wait? Non-bank loans immediately to your account will facilitate the current bad financial situation. You can also borrow a smaller amount, such as loans up to USD 5,000 before payout. They are suitable for people who have a few more days to pay, but are now taken aback by more spending. You never know when your washing machine will break or you will have to pay for a school in nature. Non-bank loans are very flexible and often require no upfront fees. The first free loan is also very pleasant. You can indulge in a loan of your choice.

What non-bank loan to choose?

What non-bank loan to choose?

Non-bank loans Třinec offers a variety of options. You can choose a loan according to your preferences. You can use non-bank loans without a register if you know that you have an entry in the debtors register and the bank would not grant you a loan on that basis.

Another option is a non-bank loan without proof of income. Documenting the level of income can lengthen the approval process considerably. Quick loans to your account immediately or payday loans will cover your financial needs. You will have your money in your account very quickly without any delays. The provider will not want you to provide pay slips, tax returns or pension assessments, and will not call you to verify the necessary information. The whole course is very discreet.

Looking for better rates and more flexible terms on a business loan? See what non-bank lenders have to offer.


Credit despite minus on the account

Almost everyone has a checking account and with them a overdraft facility. The overdraft facility – or overdraft facility – is provided by banks to their solvent customers. If the regular receipt of money is accordingly, the bank will already provide up to three net monthly salaries. The customer can freely use it. However, the customer should use the overdraft facility carefully, because if he is always used without returning anything, this can result in a negative entry in the Credit bureau. A loan despite a minus in the account is the better solution.

The credit despite a minus in the account – the outlook

The credit despite a minus in the account - the outlook

Many customers who always use their overdraft facility often ask themselves that the overdrawn checking account can sometimes lead to a loan refusal. The customer should know if the overdraft facility is exceeded beyond the granted credit line and this always happens, the bank will inform Credit bureau of this. Of course, this can result in a loan rejection. The overdraft facility of the loan that provides the customer with money that he actually doesn’t have can become a debt trap.

At the latest when the bank no longer carries out transfers or these are returned as direct debits or when the incoming salary no longer covers the overdraft facility, the customer must act. If he does not do this, the bank can terminate the overdraft facility and the customer must repay the outstanding amount in one. He shouldn’t let it get that far. If he no longer has an overview of his account, a loan should be applied for despite the minus in the account.

If the customer wants to apply for a new loan now, he can include the overdraft facility in the contract. Generally, an overdrafted checking account is no reason to refuse a loan. There is also to be taken into account that the customer does not necessarily have to take out the loan at the bank where the debit is conducted, despite the minus in the account. That is mostly at the house bank. However, these banks have worse conditions, such as the direct banks on the Internet.

A good preparation for the loan despite a minus in the account is to reduce the overdraft facility. This can be done by not withdrawing the full amount received every month, but by leaving a manageable amount. This increases the chances of getting a loan.

The dispo trap

The dispo trap

It is the house banks that take a quick look at your customer’s account movements before granting a loan. If he sees the permanent overdraft facility there, it could even happen that a co-applicant for the loan becomes necessary despite the minus on the account. Especially when the overdraft has left a negative entry in Credit bureau.

Those who always use their overdraft facility also know that the bank’s interest charges are added to the overdraft facility every three months, i.e. every quarter. Since the interest level is very high anyway, it is in the double-digit range, often even 15%, a loan should definitely be applied for despite the minus on the account. The overdraft facility is included in the loan agreement and the account is clean again.

If you calculate an average income of 2,000 USD, the interest rate of 14.75% is 221.25 USD per quarter. A comparable installment loan is available for 4.75%, which means a charge of 71.25 USD. You can already see how a disposition can increase. That is about 1,000 USD in interest charges in one year. It is therefore not surprising that the customer can fall into a debt trap if the overdraft facility is not paid up. If the loan is approved despite a minus on the account, the overdraft facility should be reduced or removed entirely. The customer should then plan his finances better and save himself a small financial cushion so that he no longer needs the overdraft facility.

The creditworthiness of the customer shows whether a loan is approved. If the income is sufficiently high, the Credit bureau is clean and there is a permanent position, there is nothing standing in the way of a loan despite a minus in the account. The customer should then take on all of his liabilities with the loan and only pay one loan. This gives him a better overview of his finances. That would be a debt restructuring that many banks also offer. Debt restructuring could also expand the customer’s financial scope.

The bad credit rating

The bad credit rating

But there are also customers whose creditworthiness has already suffered from a negative entry. The loan request from conventional banks is often unsuccessful. For this clientele there are credit agencies that can provide a Credit bureau-free loan for their customers. The funds come from abroad and have to be returned regularly and on time. These banks have no pardon and will execute a garnishment in the event of payment irregularities. Nobody really wants to expose himself to that.

The banks have strict requirements. Here, too, the income must be sufficiently high and show an attachable share. The Credit bureau is waived, and the loan is not entered despite the minus in the account. A attachable share of around 80.00 USD is shown if a single person has a net income of 1,160 USD. A permanent job is required, the employment contract may not be limited and may not include a trial period.

Foreign banks generally only grant small loans. On the one hand, 3,500 USD and, depending on the creditworthiness, 5,000 USD. Those who need more money have to provide collateral. This can be a second applicant or a guarantor. Real estate or other valuable collateral is also accepted. But the extent to which a guarantee is recognized by German banks under German law would have to be asked.

The terms of both loans are 40 months. The rate for the 3,500 USD loan is around 105.00 USD, for the 5,000 USD loan 150.00 USD is estimated.

Credit online with instant approval – how to apply

If you are looking for a loan online with immediate approval, you can use a variety of different offers today. Numerous banks and savings banks now offer their loan offers on the Internet and make it quick and easy for private consumers to apply.

The online lending business in particular has seen significant growth in recent years. Due to the enormous variety of offers, the competition among the banks has increased, customers can therefore enjoy attractive interest rates and a comprehensive service, at the same time there is a higher probability of being able to call up a commitment via a powerful loan. On the other hand, the comparison of several offers has become much more difficult.

Online credit with instant approval – these are the criteria that cost-conscious consumers should pay attention to

Online credit with instant approval - these are the criteria that cost-conscious consumers should pay attention to

The credit with immediate approval enables the desired loan amount to be quickly available and thus also enables short-term purchases that are only valid for a certain period. Despite the quick and easy application, as a consumer you shouldn’t let yourself be drawn to a rash decision, but consciously make a comparison of several offers. The decisive criterion for many borrowers is the interest rate.

The interest gives information about the credit costs. The effective interest rate is especially important for cost-conscious borrowers, criterion number 1, the effective interest rate depends on the term, loan amount and use of the loan, and the creditworthiness of the borrower is also a major factor that defines the effective interest rate.

Loans with an instant approval offer are particularly quick and easy to apply for

Loans with an instant approval offer are particularly quick and easy to apply for

Loans with immediate approval are available to the borrower after only a few days. The first step to getting your dream loan is always to request a loan from any bank. The credit request is made online today in the form of an application form, which must be “fed” with data. In addition to personal data, information about the desired credit and income must also be provided.

The bank then carries out a credit check, the applicant is creditworthy, an immediate commitment is given and the loan agreement is issued. The borrower can then download, print and sign it. The signed loan agreement must then be sent to the bank; upon receipt of the loan agreement, the loan amount is paid out.

Online credit with instant approval – selection is great

Online credit with instant approval - selection is great

In order to find the cheapest offer, as a borrower you have to use a comparison of several offers. The comparison is made possible today by many financial portals on the Internet, loan calculators enable free loan comparison and deliver particularly accurate comparison results. A credit comparison can contribute to a significant cost reduction, so cost-conscious borrowers are given the opportunity to save a lot of money.

What should you consider before applying for an Auto Credit?

It is never easy to know which are the best options of banks or banking institutions when applying for an Automotive Credit. Therefore, prior information and investigation of the matter is essential.

In addition to these results, they offered a small guide that should not be left out if you are thinking of applying for this type of loan. The first thing to know is that it is a medium or long-term commitment (up to 5 years, generally), where the delays are expensive and the interest rates are not always low.

It is advisable to look for several options before deciding

money cash

– Before requesting the Automotive Credit, it must be taken into account what is the rating that the entity has in the market. This can be done online or at the Commission that gathers users of financial services. For example, the banks have an average of 9.2 points, the dealers, 8.2, and other entities, between 3.8 and 7.1. The elements considered are: contract, account statement, information offered and title page.

– It is necessary to look at the contract, which must be explained in detail, and you must always read ‘the fine print’. It must include a special section where the client is authorized to exchange information. If you are not sure of the answers, don’t be afraid to ask again as many times as necessary.

Always demand everything specified

money cash

That the payment dates are included, and coincides with the data specified in the contract.

– Search for more information, on the entity’s own website or through the opinion forums of other users. Never stick with one person’s comment. Another option is to talk to friends or family who have applied for an Auto Loan.

  • Know the details of expenses and requirements, also interest rates. This can be achieved by attending directly to a branch or online;

The first alternative is always recommended because you can directly ask something that is not clear

money saving

  • The transparency of the place: conditions too ‘good’ for the client are to be distrusted. Do not get carried away by fantastic promotions, it is better to turn to well-known companies than to new or unrecognized ones.

A tip that you should never forget before requesting your Automotive Credit is to compare the offers and simulate your loan to see how much you will pay monthly. In Compare you can do that and more. Just enter your information to our Automotive Credit Comparator and you can review all the offers on the market, totally free and without leaving your home.

Car loan and fixed-term contract

The purchase of a motor vehicle requires significant financial resources, whether it is new or used. For that, the recourse to a car loan is current however, with a job in CDD, is it possible to obtain your loan?

Car credit

Car credit

The car loan, also called car loan, is a financing widely used in the country to acquire a new or used motor vehicle.

Ranging from small budgets to larger sums, this loan is open to everyone provided that they can repay the capital borrowed. Therefore, the future borrower must present to the body managing the credit enough guarantees to prove its solvency and increase its chances of obtaining an agreement allowing it to carry out its project.

The work contract

The work contract

Among the solvency guarantees, the employment contract is an important element because it determines the duration of time over which the borrower will receive an income. Thus, a borrower with an open-ended contract (CDI) will be able to borrow over a longer period and increase his chances of obtaining credit.

For a borrower with a fixed-term contract job (fixed-term contract, temporary work, paid internship, etc.), the latter will not be able to benefit from the same loan conditions as a permanent contract counterpart. Indeed, its contract ending on a specific date, the borrowing period will be limited which consequently imposes limits as to the choice and the amount of the project.

However, it is entirely possible for a CDD person to obtain a car loan.

Buy back your credits and finance your vehicle

Buy back your credits and finance your vehicle

If the employment contract is an important element in obtaining a car loan, the borrower’s debt ratio is just as important.

In fact, if the borrower already has one or more debts (credit, tax delay, bank overdraft, payment in installments, etc.), his debt capacity becomes weaker and consequently, the latter can borrow less important. In some cases, the debt capacity does not make it possible to carry out a car loan and the financing of the project then becomes more difficult.

In this type of situation, credit consolidation can be an interesting operation. The borrower can combine all of his debts into a single loan, accompanied by a single and reduced monthly payment. This is calculated based on the borrower’s real repayment capacities, allowing him to envisage a new project. In addition, the borrower has the possibility of reserving a sum of money intended for the realization of a new project, in this case, a car.

Loan without Credit bureau and credit rating

A credit without Credit bureau and creditworthiness is increasingly required. This has many advantages and also helps people who do not have a good credit rating. The Credit bureau is there to register all payment failures, loans, cell phone contracts and the like.

Banks access this data to check creditworthiness. Many already fail here because many have too many negative entries, so a bank is unwilling to grant a loan. Therefore, the credit without Credit bureau and credit rating are very popular.

Requirements for this loan

Requirements for this loan

People who have a fixed income and a secure job can apply for a loan without Credit bureau and creditworthiness. Foreign banks generally require that the employment relationship has existed for at least two years. The income must be attachable so that it can serve as security for the loan.

If, for whatever reason, the borrower is no longer able to pay the installments, the bank can request a garnishment of the wages and thereby get back the loan amount. The applicant must not be under the age of 18, must not receive income from self-employment and must be resident in Germany. If these conditions can be met, a loan without Credit bureau and creditworthiness can be applied for.

How can I apply for a loan?

How can I apply for a loan?

The applicant does not have to go abroad to apply for the loan. It is enough if he finds a credit broker on the Internet who works with foreign banks. This will collect all of the applicant’s data and pass it on to the bank. This then checks the data and then decides whether to grant or refuse a loan.

The credit broker charges a fee for his work, which must be paid after the contract is signed. Since there are many credit intermediaries, there are also different levels of this fee. A comparison can help you find a cheap loan broker. The offers received by the applicant should also be compared.

This is the only way to find a cheap offer and you don’t have to pay too much. With a large loan amount, the savings can be several hundred USD, so it is definitely worthwhile. As soon as a loan agreement is signed, the money is signed into the borrower’s account. As a rule, this does not have to specify a purpose, so that it can spend the money for different purposes.

What to watch out for when applying for a loan?


Are you considering applying for a loan because your financial supply is not large enough and you need to pay extraordinary expenses that are not very small? Taking a loan today is no shame, it’s not long ago taboo. Loans, on the other hand, are something that can be a savior for people.

In case you need to borrow, borrow, just watch out for a few things. What to watch out for? We will.

Recent statistics and surveys show that the number of borrowers is steadily increasing. Today, people are applying for bank and non-bank loans for a variety of reasons, some are applying for a loan because they want to buy a new household appliance, others need to pay a holiday deposit, others need to pay for the car repairs they need for their daily lives. Whatever the reason you need to borrow a loan, here are tips on what to look out for when applying for a loan.

First of all, it is worthwhile to compare loans. Do not jump into the first offered arms of a company offering you at a glance favorable interest.

The company’s behavior reveals everything

The company

When applying for a loan, mainly observe the creditor’s behavior. How does society behave when you ask about ambiguities in a contract? Can he explain everything to you or answer questions in an arc? The way a company treats you only shows how it cares for you. If he has trouble answering your questions, he’s probably hiding something and wants to hide the lockouts or sanctions.

Find out about the amount of interest

Find out about the amount of interest

Some lenders do not automatically say how high the interest will be. But this is information that is quite essential when choosing a loan. Find out about interest not only in the first year, but also in the following years. It often happens that the first year is very profitable, but in the following years the interest is too high.

What about repayment?

What about repayment?

Every loan applicant should inquire about the repayment of the loan. What sanctions are there for late payment? How is the early repayment conditional? And what happens if repayment problems occur repeatedly? These are questions that you need to find out in advance so that you are not surprised if this happens in the future.

Are there ways to get a loan without Credit bureau despite Social Welfare?

Creditworthy people have reached the age of 18, have a permanent place of residence in Germany, no negative Credit bureau entries and have been working for at least 6 months. While the first two requirements are often met without any problems, the latter two pose a real challenge.

Banks and credit institutions require a corresponding credit rating to grant a loan and this includes a regulated and secure income from a professional activity. What if money is urgently needed but only Social Welfare is purchased? 

How do you get a loan without Credit bureau with Social Welfare?

How do you get a loan without Credit bureau with Social Welfare?

People who receive Social Welfare are generally classified as low-income by credit and banking institutions. It is therefore almost hopeless to get a loan. As a rule, Social Welfare recipients do not have any property, which can be given as security. Nevertheless, there are numerous offers on the Internet that are explicitly aimed at Social Welfare recipients and offer a possible loan.

If you are looking for a loan without Credit bureau despite Social Welfare, you can quickly be tempted by these offers without being sure of seriousness. Dubious providers often charge their borrowers upfront costs and high fees without a loan agreement being concluded.

In the case of such offers, a loan without Credit bureau is only realized in 99% of cases, despite Social Welfare, if a co-applicant who has a good credit rating is added. This co-applicant acts as a guarantor, so to speak, and stands for the loan if the actual applicant no longer pays or cannot pay his loan installments.

There are these options

There are these options

People who want to get a loan without Credit bureau despite Social Welfare in the conventional way, ie from a bank, have no chance of getting a loan without guarantors or appropriate collateral such as property. However, if a guarantor is used, a bank can also grant a loan without Credit bureau despite Social Welfare. However, it should be noted here that the guarantor fulfills all of the above requirements.

Another option for a loan despite Social Welfare is the personal loan. Such a personal loan or personal loan is offered in most cases by close friends or relatives. In the meantime, however, there are more and more offers on the Internet, which also include strangers as private lenders. Investors as well as borrowers benefit from this type of “money transactions”. The lender gets a much higher interest rate than his bank and the borrower gets a loan even if the conditions are bad.